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Richard Dalton has been teaching the SAT since 2005 and has developed exclusive lessons, tips and tricks. In 2013, two of his students applied to Harvard University. Both were accepted, indicating they probably wouldn't have gotten in without the higher score obtained by Richard's preparation.
Richard holds a dual bachelor?€™s degree in computer science and mathematics and a master?€™s of journalism degree. He has been a journalist in Missouri and New York and has freelanced for the Associated Press. He has contributed to several news stories nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.
Teaching journalism at The State University of New York, he helped students improve their grammar and writing. After teaching university students for several years, Richard decided to pursue a different kind of teaching: teaching SAT classes. While living in New York, he took a 51-hour SAT Princeton Review training course to teach SAT classes.
You?€™ll find some test-prep experts who have backgrounds in English but can?€™t teach the SAT math section. Others focus only on the math. But with degrees in mathematics and journalism and with specialized SAT training, Richard excels at teaching the SAT math, SAT reading and SAT writing sections, so his students?€™ scores have gone up dramatically.
Students say that Your Score Booster SAT lessons make learning fun. But the lessons are more than just enjoyment. Many students boost their SAT scores hundreds of points, getting into top universities.


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