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Current job position: Academic and test prep tutor
Tutoring experience: 6yrs
Location: New York, USA
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Information about Tutor Stephanie Levinson

Hey hello so my name is stephanie and Im a graduate student at Columbia University studying to become an actuary. I am currently taking off a year to get experience in the actuarial field and to tutor as well. I have been tutoring for about 6 years for math and science courses preparing my students from AP exams to regent. After graduating from UCLA I started tutoring for a variety of courses and mostly in the math SAT. Recently since my focus has heavily been on mathematics, I have been specializing in tutoring for the math section of the SAT and quantitative side for the GRE. I am very adept with the material and able to break the problems down so that they at easier to understand. I believe the key to learning is understanding, so I make sure my students have a good grasp on the material. And I will guarantee that I will increase grades, learning and/or understanding of the math subject at hand.



• Algebra $50.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $45.00/hr
• Basic Math $40.00/hr
• Calculus $80.00/hr
• Pre-Calculus $70.00/hr
• Probability $70.00/hr
• Statistics $60.00/hr
• Geometry $50.00/hr
• Trigonometry $45.00/hr

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