Online Tutor Rekha Bhatt in Pre-Algebra, Basic Math, Geometry at
Current job position: Tutor
Tutoring experience: 15yrs
Location: Jaipur, India
Subject categories: Math view more

Information about Tutor Rekha Bhatt

Name : Mrs. Rekha Bhatt
Qual : Bsc.
Sub : Maths
Grades : 6, 7 , 8
Medium : English
Board : CBSE

Teaching in a friendly manner.
Making understand each and every topic.
definite change in child's performance.

Target students

  • Middle school



• Pre-Algebra $3.00/hr
• Basic Math $3.00/hr
• Geometry $3.00/hr

Degrees and Certificates



Maharani College. Jaipur. ( Rajasthan University.)