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Current job position: Interpreter/Mandarin Tutor
Tutoring experience: 5yrs
Location: Houston, USA
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Information about Tutor Rachel Chiu

Upon graduating from university in Taiwan, I worked in the Taiwan Museum as a curator for one year. During that year working in the museum, I was drawn to the field of education, so I went on to purse an advanced degree at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. I received my Master's degree of Education with a focus on linguistics and cultural difference. Since graduation, I have worked in the field of education. I am a certified language (EFL and Mandarin Chinese)teacher, having taught EFL in the National Open University and Taiwan Academy of Arts. After relocating to the States in 1999, I worked as a language interpreter for various companies. Because of my spouse's work, I lived in Beijing, China for four years. During those years, I was working as a relocation counselor, helping expats to transition to the new environment (for example, schooling for the kids, housing and daily functioning in the new city). As well, I worked as a substitute teacher at International school of Beijing. Throughout my choice of jobs, teaching(and learning)language and culture have been my passion and enjoyment.


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