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Current job position: Student
Tutoring experience: 1yr
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
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Information about Tutor Phillipa Lewis

I am a student at Warwick University studying Classics and have previous and current experience in tutoring high school aged pupils.



• English $10.00/hr
• English Grammar $10.00/hr
• French $15.00/hr
• German $15.00/hr
• Latin $15.00/hr
• Literature $10.00/hr
• English Writing $10.00/hr
• English Reading $10.00/hr


• Algebra $15.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $15.00/hr
• Basic Math $10.00/hr
• Probability $15.00/hr
• Statistics $15.00/hr
• Geometry $15.00/hr
• Trigonometry $15.00/hr

Social studies

• World History $10.00/hr


• American Literature $10.00/hr
• British Literature $10.00/hr

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