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Current job position: Tutor
Tutoring experience: 9yrs
Location: Hyderabad, India
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Information about Tutor Phani Raj

I love teaching. I have a master's degree in Computer science and P.hd in Mathematics. I teach maths, physics and computer science subjects


Computer science

• C++ Programming $7.00/hr
• Java Programming $7.00/hr
• HTML $7.00/hr
• Javascript $7.00/hr
• Matlab $7.00/hr
• Microsoft Access $7.00/hr
• Microsoft Excel $7.00/hr
• Microsoft PowerPoint $7.00/hr
• PHP $7.00/hr
• Software Quality&Testing $7.00/hr
• Oracle $7.00/hr


• Algebra $7.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $7.00/hr
• Basic Math $7.00/hr
• Calculus $7.00/hr
• Pre-Calculus $7.00/hr
• Probability $7.00/hr
• Statistics $7.00/hr
• Geometry $7.00/hr
• Trigonometry $7.00/hr


• Physics $7.00/hr
• Chemistry $7.00/hr
• Engineering $7.00/hr

Test prep

• SAT $7.00/hr
• GMAT/GRE $7.00/hr

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