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I am a teacher with 21 years experience teaching in suburban schools in Miami, Florida. I taught nine years at the middle school level, and now 10 plus years at the high school level. I currently was assigned to tutor a group of students that are performing below average in reading for state testing. I teach regular education classes, inclusion and self-contained classes for special education students. I have a Master's Degree in Exceptional Student Education, am certified to teach Reading and ESOL. As a behavorist I believe it is important to acknowledge students' ability to overcome those subjects that they may be weaker in. I build on their positive attributes, and instill in my students the faith to never give up, seek help and take advantage of those tutoring sessions that could truly give them a more one on one experience in learning and thus, believing they can succeed, and doing it. I have taught and still teach English to high school students, History, and am able to determine a student's strengths and weakness so I know where to start on the learning scale for that specific subject. I thoroughly enjoy helping students to believe in themselves.


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