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Current job position: Accounts Receivable Specialist
Tutoring experience: 5yrs
Location: New york, USA
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Information about Tutor MOLLY CREESE

I am a business professional with a MBA degree. I love teaching and helping others succeed. I believe that all humans have great potential, some are just waiting to be tapped into.

My motto is to inspire visionaries and create leaders. If I can change one life that's the greatest accomplishment for me.

I volunteer tutoring with the National Black MBA organization, tutoring high school students in the area of business, college preparation and essay writing.

My favorite quote is: "My deepest fair is not that I'm inadequate, My deepest fair is that I am powerful beyond measure".



• Accounting $30.00/hr
• Finances $30.00/hr
• Project Management $30.00/hr


• English $30.00/hr
• English Grammar $30.00/hr
• English Writing $30.00/hr
• English Reading $30.00/hr

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