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Tutoring experience: 5yrs
Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
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Information about Tutor Adolf Nomo

I am a (CRB CHECKED) full time private tutor with over 1000 hours' experience tutoring primary, secondary and higher level mathematics and science. I have experience delivering lessons in person, online and designing courses for home schooled children. Explaining maths in a slowly and uncomplicated manner is what am all about. I graduated from the University of southampton with an honours degree in Mathematics after having an exemplary career in the Army. I also took an Engineering, Physics and Geophysics Foundation Year course at University Of Southampton. Mathematics, as a subject is very important to me, as we all use it in our day-to-day lives to help us make simple and important decisions (i.e. from buying a pint of milk to buying a car) and thats what makes it a very important subject to learn. I am a full-time tutor and I also privately tutor students at Southampton University in Mathematics. I am very polite, patient, friendly and I strongly believe that everyone can do maths with the right help. It is my passion to help students build their confidence and interest in maths. Having worked with gifted and talented children as well as those who have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties I have experience with all abilities and enjoy finding an approach which works for even the most challenging of students.

Why am I a full-time tutor?
As part of my Mathematics degree, I undertook a module called Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme. I had the opportunity to teach students in two different ways. Of course, I taught students in the normal medium to large size classes, but I also tutored students individually and in small groups. I found that the approaches and skills needed in each of these two situations were very different.

I found that, overwhelmingly, individual and small group tutoring was more beneficial for the student, as well as being more enjoyable personally. As a result I decided to become a professional tutor.
My experience, together with my qualifications, give me an expert subject knowledge which I have used to help many students reach their maximum potential in what can be a very challenging area.

Learning Mathematics:
For a student to be successful in their study of maths, three factors are crucial. These are:
1) Knowledge (of facts and methods),
2) Understanding (of these facts and methods), and
3) Confidence (in using the knowledge and understanding).

If any one of these three is lacking, it is very hard to achieve success in maths. Learning maths consists of applying new ideas and processes to a variety of problems. Until a student's knowledge and understanding of the new ideas and processes reaches a good level, then they will struggle to answer problems correctly, which will in turn make the student less confident. And once confidence is lost, it is easy for the knowledge and understanding to fall back.

Approach To Tutoring:
My approach to tutoring, while being flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each individual, will normally focus on first making sure that a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding is in place, by discussing and attempting problems. Once knowledge and understanding starts to build, the student finds more success in tackling problems. In this way, confidence grows and the student is moving along the path to success in maths.
I am experienced in helping students to overcome exam stress and other barriers to learning.

For special educational needs please ask - I would be delighted to discuss your situation and how I might be able to help.

In my spare time I enjoy travel and over the past few years have visited many exotic locations such as South America, South Africa and West Africa. Finally, I am a sporty individual and i enjoy watching football and athletic games.

Target students

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Undergraduate level
  • ACT preparation
  • SAT, PSAT preparation
  • GMAT preparation
  • A-Level Maths, Further Maths, GCSE maths, AS&A-level, 11plus Maths, 13plus maths



• Algebra $44.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $44.00/hr
• Basic Math $44.00/hr
• Calculus $44.00/hr
• Pre-Calculus $44.00/hr
• Probability $44.00/hr
• Statistics $44.00/hr
• Geometry $44.00/hr
• Trigonometry $44.00/hr
• ESL $44.00/hr
• CSUN Math 93 $44.00/hr
• homeworkhelp $44.00/hr
• K-12 Math $44.00/hr

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