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Current job position: 8th Grade Math and English Teacher
Tutoring experience: 20+ yrs
Location: Rock Hill, USA
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Information about Tutor Nancy Ouellette

There is a special place in my heart for middle school students! I am an 8th grade math and language arts teacher in Monroe NC. 

I started tutoring as a sophomore in college. My statistics professor suggested I work in the tutorial program. I began tutoring my peers in many subjects including statistics, algebra, world history, English, etc. At times I would borrow a classroom and reteach an entire lesson to 10 or 12 classmates. This was what led to my decision to become a teacher. I am a mom to four children ranging in age from 12 to 20. I am currently the learning coach for my two youngest children who are in online school. As a mom to two sons with IEPs, I understand the struggles special needs students go through on a daily basis. Over the last 28 years I have tutored students from elementary school age up to adult in various subjects.

My goal in tutoring is to help students see success to build self confidence. In turn, students will be encouraged to become independent learners. I do not strive for students to be dependent on me as a learning coach. Rather, I believe tutoring can be the catalyst for young people to learn to "spread their wings and fly". Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I hope to have the opportunity to work with your young person.

Target students

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school



• English $30.00/hr
• English Grammar $30.00/hr
• Literature $30.00/hr
• English Writing $30.00/hr
• English Reading $30.00/hr
• Language Arts $30.00/hr


• Algebra $35.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $35.00/hr
• Basic Math $35.00/hr

Social studies

• Geography $30.00/hr
• US History $30.00/hr

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Campbell University