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Tutoring experience: 10yrs
Location: Los Angeles, USA
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I worked in the school system for over ten years, first as a teacher's aide ( it involved a lot of tutoring), and then as a teacher, at various grade levels and in multiple subjects, including language arts (in English and Spanish), math, E.S.L., and social Studies. I have very strong letters of recommendation and very good formal evaluations of my work.  Many of my students made great progress academically, including those who were, initially, far below grade level. I devised some innovative teaching systems, including a guided practice that dramatically improved students' critical thinking skills (very important), and an extremely effective method of teaching native Spanish speakers, who are non-readers, how to read in Spanish. I have vast experience teaching basic math. One of my strength is to be able to find a way to make it easier for students to learn. I've been told that I'm very patient. I also like teaching very much and to see students triumph academically. I am fluent in four languages. I think teaching is the art and science of correctly identifying students' academic needs, making the academic challenges easier to master, and generating students' interest in learning.



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• Basic Math $20.00/hr

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