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Current job position: Educational Consultant
Tutoring experience: 17yrs
Location: Richmond, VA, USA
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Information about Tutor Language Arts Mastery Academy


English class, math class, science class, social studies class, and PE class all have one thing in common: students must know how to read and write to succeed!


The Language Arts Mastery Academy is a student-centered, private educational enrichment company, dedicated to providing students with the highest level of Language Arts instruction, through a unique and creative approach to teaching and learning.

Maya Harris is owner of LAMA, LLC. Ms. Harris is a graduate of Virginia Union University, where she obtained her B.A. in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. She earned her Master's degree from Walden University in Educational Leadership. In addition to her 17-year career as a Secondary School English teacher, Ms. Harris served as a reading specialist in Hartford Public Schools in Hartford, Connecticut and an Instructional Consultant in Richmond Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia and Petersburg Public Schools in Petersburg, VA. She is a mother of two.

Target students

  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Undergraduate level
  • ACT preparation
  • SAT, PSAT preparation



• English $40.00/hr
• English Grammar $40.00/hr
• Literature $40.00/hr
• English Writing $40.00/hr
• English Reading $40.00/hr
• Language Arts $40.00/hr
• ESL Reading $40.00/hr

Test prep

• SAT $40.00/hr
• PSAT $40.00/hr
• ACT $40.00/hr
• GED $40.00/hr
• State Assessment $40.00/hr
• HSC English $40.00/hr


• American Literature $40.00/hr
• British Literature $40.00/hr
• World Literature $40.00/hr

Degrees and Certificates