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Current job position: Disabled with COPD: Emphysema & Asthma--on Medicaid/Medicare
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My specialty is Developmental English/Writing, a subject I taught for ten years--including full-time at Texas College (an HBCU in Tyler), and Mountain View Community College in Oak Cliff as an adjunct (a Dallas County Community College & Hispanic Serving Institution). In addition, I wrote, copyrighted, and illustrated a textbook for the courses. It's taught at the college level, a pre-College Composition course comparable to Advanced ESOL Writing. Secondary certified in English & Social Studies since 1991, I've at least subbed in all grades from PK-12 and most courses in five Texas school districts, including Garland ISD. I have experience in teaching ESOL, Bilingual Elementary, and Spanish 4. My website is , and it includes links to my older McGraw-Hill Pageout websites. My publications are easily found on the Internet. I'm very active on Twitter, and I love citizen journalism--starting at



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