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Current job position: Graduate Assistant (secondary school)
Tutoring experience: less than 1yr
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Information about Tutor Jerry Morrison

I am a Russell Group graduate with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and History. I am currently working in a school with students aged 11-16 and really enjoy everything that comes with the job. As an avid traveler I have worked with young people in Bosnia and in South Africa. I believe that anyone can and should enjoy learning new things, which is why I have also worked with children and adults with special needs. I think learning should be fun and it should always be interesting, and if I need to adapt how I teach in order to help someone then I am always flexible.
As well as seeing new places my hobbies include reading, going to the theatre and dancing. I also volunteer with a charity that wants to raise awareness about, and increase the use of, renewable energy.



• English $10.00/hr
• Literature $10.00/hr
• English Writing $10.00/hr
• English Reading $10.00/hr

Social studies

• World History $10.00/hr


• American Literature $10.00/hr
• British Literature $10.00/hr
• World Literature $10.00/hr

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