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Tutoring experience: 2yrs
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Information about Tutor Jalal Thompson

I am a Biochemistry graduate from Oxford University, and I am currently finishing a Master's at Imperial College London. From my academic background and having tutored for 2 years, mostly in the sciences, I feel I have demonstrated confidence in presenting and conveying information in an articulate manner to others, from young children to academic colleagues.

I have extensive experience as a private tutor of sciences, which has included i/GCSE Biology, i/GCSE Chemistry, iGCSE Physics, i/GCSE Maths, A-Level Biology, A-Level Chemistry. I have also tutored Chemistry and Biology for 13+ admission and Chemistry for 16+ admission. These tutoring experiences have involved a student with dyslexia and mild Aspergers.

I have adopted a tutor/mentor role in preparing Oxbridge applicants for admission to Oxford or Cambridge University, where I conducted mock interviews with Oxbridge University applicants in a variety of science subjects, including Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Maths and Engineering, which preceded giving oral and written feedback and advice. I have also given tutorials on lateral thinking, interview technique, and on unfamiliar material in chemistry and biochemistry. This followed individual consultations I conducted beforehand to establish areas of weakness and attention. The two students with whom I gave tutorials in chemistry, lateral thinking and interview technique both were successful in their applications to study Chemistry at Oxford University.

I have tutored a Bangladeshi girl staying with my parents in basic English grammar and phonetics. I have also engaged in practice Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) lessons during a Practical TEFL Course with 'i-to-i'.

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