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Current job position: Tutor at Absas, Class of 1, transtutor and liqvid
Tutoring experience: 3yrs
Location: Noida, India
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Information about Tutor Hariom Tiwari

Providing assignment help to service providers like Classof1, Transtutors, Liqvid Tutorials and Absas from last two year. I can provide assistance in all subjects mentioned above till college level.
Also I am trained as the e-tutor for tutoring the students of America and other foreign countries. I am tutoring students in Socratic Style. The subjects I tutor are Mathematics, English.
Worked as trainer IACM, Delhi for 3 years and taught Microsoft Certifications subjects, Networking, Hardware and Linux.
Subjects preferred for e-assignment help:
- English
- Psychology and Philosophy
- History
- Mathematics
- Management Case studies and Research Paper
- Computer Hardware and Networking Related Assignments


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