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My name is Gra?ža - Grace if it is easier - and I am Portuguese.

I am a History and Archaeology post grad with a post graduation qualification in Teaching.

I'm single, and other than teaching and learning, my interests are literature, music (I love Opera!), movies, and the outdoors. Portugal has beautiful spots you can go for natural beauty and solitude :)

Qualifications & Experience

I'm bilingual, English-Portuguese. In addition I have always loved idioms, and speak several: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French (not so well), and a little Italian.

I have a College Degree in History and Archaeology by the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, and I also have a Teaching Post-Graduation by the same University.

I have the First Certificate (grade A) by the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

All through my learning years, I tutored younger students in any subject they needed (in Portugal, up to the 9th Grade, it's a common path) and I continued to do so as I went through College and until I had my first job as a teacher. I had excellent results, and that gave me great confidence.

I worked as a History and English teacher for some years, then as a Translator of English for 15 years. I translated novels, encyclopedias, science books, scientific studies and articles, just about anything. I worked for publishers and for individuals. I also proof-read for some University Professors.

I believe I am amply qualified to tutor students in both English and Portuguese, due to my profound knowledge of both languages and my training in teaching.

Teaching Approach

Individual tutoring has got to be the dream of any teacher. It's the only way we can devote ourselves to the needs of that specific person and make it all about them, instead of having to tailor a class to fit 30 different individuals, which really means we fit none.

I start by asking my students what they would like to get from this tutoring, and ask them to be as detailed as they can about it: what they hope to achieve (doesn't matter if it seems doable or not, just say it), what they're afraid of, what they perceive to be their strong points and their weaknesses (if any).

Then I ask them what interests them, and what subjects would be more helpful in their lives: work related, perhaps? Or are they just looking to be able to keep a conversation on any subject - to actually speak the language?

Where do they find the English/Portuguese they wish to learn? Books? TV? Internet videos or articles? Music?

All this helps me tailor fun lessons, that often include role-playing, and help me detect, on the spot, weaknesses that need work - areas of vocabulary, grammar, any skills that need tweaking.

Over time, I have learned that different people respond to different ways of learning, but some principles remain always true: the KISS principle, for example - Keep It Super Simple, with many examples and simple ones.

The first lesson - the free trial - will consist of informal conversation where both student and tutor will agree on what they will focus during the course of the lessons.


In a nutshell, what I do is this:
I take what knowledge you have of Portuguese (none, some, a lot) and give you back yourself as a native speaker - or as close as you want to that.

Basically, four sections are important: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each one is essential if you want to "speak" a language.

Within these, come Grammar and Vocabulary.

In order to make it fun and challenging, I share my GoogleDrive with you, where I keep tons of  materials - PDF and JPG documents, so that you can read, download and/or print - and my Vimeo, where I keep the videos. All this will help us have more interactive lessons and most of all, have more fun :)

It is my firm belief that learning doesn't have to be a chore: it can be a very interesting, fun and agreeable experience. I want to make so for my students.

Your goals are paramount to me, so I tailor my lessons with them in mind.
That means that YOUR reason for learning Portuguese will be the main concern during the lessons.
YOU dictate what the lessons are about thematically.
You will also learn Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary. But I'll make it so much fun you won't notice ;)

All I want is to impart a better and more powerful way of achieving your goals!

Target students

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Undergraduate level
  • Graduate level
  • European Portuguese



• Portuguese $20.00/hr

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