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Current job position: Teacher
Tutoring experience: 16yrs
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Information about Tutor Gareth Mate

I have been teaching for over 16 years in a variety of different diverse settings, from Inner City London to Overseas Schools. These experiences have enabled me to obtain a broad and balanced approach to different styles of leadership, management and teaching.

Using my experiences these are some of the approaches I implement within my role.

• Create a culture of continuous improvement for myself and others. 

• Make decisions where appropriate whilst ensuring others do the same. 

• Constantly seek out new and varied opportunities.

• Continually practice and encourage a culture of strategic excellence. 

• Focus on results, and willingly tackle problems or conflicts which threaten their achievement. 

• Enjoy the challenge of problem solving and come up with well thought through practical solutions. 

• Seek ways of perfecting things, raising standards, reducing errors and 
overcoming omissions. 

• Encourage a high level of performance in self and others. 

• Develop trust in people and be willing to smooth relationships and advise and assist others. 

• Be proactive and energetic in the work situation, seeking to get things done and at the same time deal with a variety of tasks.

• Promote Global Citizenship and Cultural awareness through International school to school linking projects.


Class Teacher

Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum
 – Present (6 months)The Hague Area, Netherlands

Deputy Headteacher at Crossdale Drive Primary School, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire County Council
 –  (7 years 3 months)Keyworth, Nottingham

My role as Deputy Headteacher is to provide professional leadership and management for the school. This is carried out in partnership with the Governors, Headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team. I endeavour to promote a secure foundation from which to achieve the highest standards in all areas of the school's work. 

My many responsibilities include:

Supporting the Headteacher and Governors in establishing a vision for the future development of the school; 

• Play a leading role in school improvement and development planning; 
• Play a leading role in whole school self-evaluation; 
• Promote a culture of collaboration and teamwork within the school; 
• Promote a culture of close collaboration and teamwork across the school and the community of the school. 

• Leading Teaching and Learning
• Developing self and working with others
• Managing the organisation
• Securing accountability
• Strengthening Community
• Safeguarding
• Governance

(Open)1 project

Senior Class Teacher TLR 2 at Ruddington St Peters, Nottingham

Nottighamshire County Council
 –  (5 years 1 month)Ruddington St Peter's Nottingham

Class Teacher

Class teacher at Featherstone Primary School Southall, London
 –  (11 months)London, United Kingdom

Class Teacher at Union Grove Elementary, NC, USA

Iredell Statesvile Schools
 –  (1 year 1 month)Union Grove, North Carolina, USA

Class responsibility Grade 4.
Soccer Coach

Class Teacher Leader of Geography and PE at Featherstone Primary School, London

Ealing Borough Council
 –  (2 years 1 month)Southall, London, United Kingdom

Class teacher and responsible for leading Physical Education and Geography.

Coach, Camp Towanda, PA, USA

Camp Towanda
 –  (1 year)Honesdale, USA

Soccer Coach

Target students

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school



• English $50.00/hr
• English Grammar $50.00/hr
• English Writing $50.00/hr
• English Reading $50.00/hr
• ESL General English $50.00/hr
• Grammar $50.00/hr
• Reading $50.00/hr
• Writing $50.00/hr
• Listening $50.00/hr
• Speaking $50.00/hr

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Liverpool University


University of Surrey - Roehampton