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Current job position: Volunteer
Tutoring experience: 2yrs
Location: Albuquerque, USA
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I'm originally from California but I moved to Russia when I was a teenager
This made history come alive as I was actually in the places from my own textbooks. As I grew up in Russia I was a teachers aid for 2 years at an international school called Krasnodar International School. Sadly it no longer runs today but the joy that I got from helping kids learn is why I am here today! I hope to get to learn and study with you ! My teaching style is more of the kind where we learn together. So grab some paper and pencil and let's get started !



• English $11.00/hr
• Russian $15.00/hr
• English Reading $10.00/hr

Social studies

• Geography $10.00/hr
• World History $10.00/hr

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