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Current job position: National Director of Online Initiatives, Kids Are Scientists Too
Tutoring experience: 1yr
Location: Provo, USA
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Information about Tutor Emma Moulton

I am passionate about research and teaching. I have worked with the teaching organization Kids Are Scientists Too for over 3 years now, and in that time I have established the program in Utah and created an online homeschool geared to meet and exceed the requirements of the Utah State curriculum for 7th grade science. Through this program, I have taught weekly after-school science sessions to advanced elementary school students; these cover a variety of scientific topics and place a strong emphasis on student interaction, both with the content itself and through related hands-on activities. In creating the online homeschool, I wrote and created supplemental materials for a number of lessons, again covering a variety of scientific topics, with an aim to make them kid-friendly and relatable to a general audience. I have also reviewed countless lessons both for the site and the in-person after-school program, for content, clarity, and relevance. In addition to my experience with this organization, I have worked as a teaching assistant for a college-level general chemistry laboratory for about a year and a half, with an emphasis on understanding concepts through laboratory exploration. I also volunteered as a science instructor in a community school in Kenya for 8 weeks, teaching off of their national curriculum. In my tutoring experience, I have been able to bring a student's grade in high school biology from failing to an A- in less than 2 months.

In my teaching experience I have found that all students are capable of excellence through dedicated and directed study. Learning to ask and answer the right questions are paramount to success. I believe that learning should be an interactive discussion between student and teacher, flexible enough to incorporate the precise needs of the student. It should also be an enjoyable experience. My students have found my explanations and assistance very understandable and helpful, tailored well to their knowledge and understanding. I would love to help you excel in your classes and reach your goals!



• Chemistry $35.00/hr
• Biology $35.00/hr
• Elementary Science $20.00/hr

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