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Tutoring experience: 2yrs
Location: North Vancouver, Canada
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Information about Tutor Dylan Kirby

I've been a Math and Science tutor on the Lower Mainland for over two years, and have tutored many students towards a better basic understanding of math and science, which results in compounding results in later years. I am currently working on completing my Bachelor's degree at UBC in Applied Mathematics, and have tutored students from Grade 5 all the way to second year of university.

My philosophy as a tutor is to take a minimalistic apporach, by simply acting as a compass to their understanding. Instead of giving students the answers, I challenge them in the controlled environment of a one on one session, so they gain confidence in their abilities and a deep understanding of the principles of Math and Science.

Teaching concepts is my primary focus, but there are so many skills out there that can make anyone into a straight A student. Limiting distractions, increasing attentional ability, the use of music, exercise and diet. All these things can be used as tools to be a better student, and I beleive every student should know how to use them.

You might be wondering, what makes me different from all the other tutors out there, why should you trust your child's supplemental education to me? Simply put, I've been passionate about learning since the day I was born, and my techniques to create success go beyond simply teaching and refining technique. I see the bigger picture, sometimes, a student can be fully capable, but doesn't have the confidence to shine. Other times, they crumble under the pressure of tests, and need the skills to calm themselves, focus their mind and write that test. I take more than just ability and intelligence into what I teach, I teach students not only to work hard and learn the material, but how to do well on tests, how to thrive under pressure, how to truly succeed in school.

If you or your child needs extra help, or wants to get ahead of the curve, contact me through email. I have a very flexible schedule, and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule in mine.

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• Algebra $25.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $25.00/hr
• Basic Math $25.00/hr
• Calculus $35.00/hr
• Pre-Calculus $30.00/hr
• Probability $25.00/hr
• Statistics $25.00/hr
• Geometry $25.00/hr
• Trigonometry $25.00/hr

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