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Tutoring experience: 8yrs
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I am a mother of three, and two pugs! I love working with children and adolescents, especially in the teaching and learning environment. I have years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities, including many students who learn differently. My experience includes both personal (with my two sons, one with Autism and one with ADD), and professional, working with students with a variety of disabilities, including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders, etc..
I have taught many different subject areas, from Math, Science, Technology, and Social Studies, to all the components of ELA ( Spelling, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Language, Vocabulary, etc.), to Art, Art History, and Music Appreciation. I also teach a curriculum of Study Skills, which I feel is quite important for all students!
I have not only tutored students as a supplement to their regular education at school, I also currently work as the Primary Teacher for a child (not my own child) who is homeschooled. I have supplemented other students' education who were homeschooled, as well. Homeschooling is an area in which I have a strong interest, and I would like the opportunity to teach more homeschooled students!
I teach each student individually, focusing on his/her unique learning style and needs. I utilize a variety of methods, determining which ones will work most successfully for each student. My goals include for my students to develop a love of learning, and for them to experience the feeling of achievement versus struggle. They may even have some fun!



• English $30.00/hr
• English Grammar $30.00/hr
• English Writing $30.00/hr
• English Reading $30.00/hr
• Language Arts $30.00/hr
• Grammar $30.00/hr
• Reading $30.00/hr
• Writing $30.00/hr
• Speaking $30.00/hr
• English/Language Arts $30.00/hr
• English Vocabulary $30.00/hr


• Basic Math $30.00/hr
• Elementary Math $30.00/hr


• Elementary Science $30.00/hr
• Elementary Science $30.00/hr

Social studies

• Geography $30.00/hr
• Elementary Social Studies $30.00/hr


• Elementary Literature $30.00/hr

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