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Current job position: Tutor at BYU Independent Study
Tutoring experience: 1yr
Location: Provo, USA
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Information about Tutor Clark Anderson

I'm a Senior Mathematics Major at BYU.
I work for BYU Independent Study as a tutor and I'm looking for freelance work. I scored a 34 on the ACT and a 38 on the MCAT. I'm a premed student fluent in all the sciences, especially chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and the biological sciences. I'm a 3.9 gpa student with a 4.0 in all math classes. I speak fluent Spanish and have experiencing tutoring all of the subjects I've listed.



• Spanish $20.00/hr


• Algebra $20.00/hr
• Pre-Algebra $20.00/hr
• Basic Math $20.00/hr
• Calculus $20.00/hr
• Pre-Calculus $20.00/hr
• Probability $20.00/hr
• Statistics $20.00/hr
• Geometry $20.00/hr
• Trigonometry $20.00/hr


• Physics $20.00/hr
• Chemistry $20.00/hr
• Biology $20.00/hr

Test prep

• SAT $20.00/hr
• ACT $20.00/hr

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