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Current job position: Senior Research Associate at Micelles Life Sciences, Lucknow, UP-233304, India.
Tutoring experience: 2yrs
Location: lucknow, India
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Information about Tutor ashish rai

A budding up Biotechnology professional currently linked with Micelles Life Sciences, Lucknow as a Research Associate.
?? A versatile professional with strong focus on delivering integrated solutions backed by an analytical mind.
?? Well versed with the concepts of ? Molecular Biology, BioChemistry, Cell culture, Immunology, MicroBiology, Cell Biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Drug Design, Immuno Informatic & Homology Modelling, etc.
?? An effective communicator with excellent analytical / logical skills and ability to relate to people at any level of the business and management.

Publication : Arthritis: Analysis and targeting of MMP1 protein via in-Silico Drug Design approach (Structure based) for the treatment of Arthritis.
Isbn : 978-3-659-10796-2

Technical Forte:
?? Thermal Cycler (PCR)
?? Macro & Micro Centrifugation Machine
?? Monocular & Binocular Compound Microscope
?? Incubator Shaker
?? Laminar air flow
?? Tran?s illuminator
?? Autoclave

Bioinformatics skills:

Sybyl, Molegro Virtual Docker, CLC Workbench, Hex 5.1, SDSC Biology workbench, Argus lab, modellar etc.
Sequence analysis, Protein Structure Analysis, MSA, Phylogenetics, and various Bioinformatics databases.


?? Participated in International Interdisciplinary Science Conference on NanoBiotechnology- an interface between Physics & Biology at Jamia Mollie Islamia, New Delhi.
?? Participated in Symposium on Innovation in Biomedical Engineering & Technology on 22nd Aug?11 at Shobhit University, Meerut.
?? Participated in Workshop on Bio-innovations! Technical Aspects (BITA-2011), organized by School of Biotechnology, Centre of Bio-medical Engineering, Centre of Bio-informatics, Shobhit University, Meerut, 2nd Apr to 3rd Apr?11.


1. Comparative Analysis of Diabetes Samples Collected from Different Regions of U.P
2.Insilco Analysis of the involvement of Kinase Protein Family in Diabetes at Bioaxis DNA Research Centre Lucknow
3. Microbial Identification and Production, Purification and Kinetic Characterization of amylase with insilico analysis
4. Forensic analysis of biological sample from different sources
5. Analysis of erythropoietin protein and in-silico drug design against anemia disease
6. Analysis of SLC11A1 Gene and In-Silico Drug-designing against Tuberculosis
7. Comparative Assessment of Antibacterial Activity of Secondary Metabolites From Three Medicinal Plants: Ocium sanctum, Azadirachta indica and Mentha arvensis



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