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    Email: support@tutorsforcharity.org
  • Information about Tutors for Charity

    We are a unique tutoring company dedicated to serving you, our students, in multiple ways. We offer academic assistance for students who are struggling in school (or for those who simply just want to get ahead), advisement in choosing a career that is right for you, personal development mentoring, life coaching and other enrichment services. We aim to create the best, most enjoyable learning experience for you! In addition to serving our students, we believe in giving back - a portion of all proceeds are shared with special charities that support the physical, mental, social and emotional development of students of all ages. You realize your dreams while helping others - a win/win!

  • Subjects


    • Accounting $60.00/hr
    • Economics $60.00/hr
    • Finances $60.00/hr
    • Marketing $60.00/hr
    • Project Management $60.00/hr

    Computer science

    • C++ Programming $60.00/hr
    • Java Programming $60.00/hr
    • Adobe Photoshop $60.00/hr
    • HTML $60.00/hr
    • Microsoft Access $60.00/hr
    • Microsoft Excel $60.00/hr
    • Microsoft PowerPoint $60.00/hr
    • PHP $60.00/hr
    • Visual Basic $60.00/hr
    • MS SQL $60.00/hr


    • English $60.00/hr
    • Literature $60.00/hr
    • English Writing $60.00/hr
    • English Reading $60.00/hr
    • Language Arts $60.00/hr


    • Algebra $60.00/hr
    • Pre-Algebra $60.00/hr
    • Basic Math $60.00/hr
    • Calculus $60.00/hr
    • Pre-Calculus $60.00/hr
    • Probability $60.00/hr
    • Statistics $60.00/hr
    • Geometry $60.00/hr
    • Trigonometry $60.00/hr


    • Physics $60.00/hr
    • Chemistry $60.00/hr
    • Biology $60.00/hr
    • Engineering $60.00/hr

    Social studies

    • Geography $60.00/hr
    • US History $60.00/hr
    • World History $60.00/hr

    Test prep

    • SAT $60.00/hr
    • PSAT $60.00/hr
    • ACT $60.00/hr
    • GMAT/GRE $60.00/hr


    • American Literature $60.00/hr
    • World Literature $60.00/hr
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