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    6 Yellowwood Street, Johannesburg,
    South Africa
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    Email: sandile.selemi@gmail.com
  • Information about TutorPal SA

    TutorPal is a first of a kind tutoring service offering online and home-based tutorial sessions in South Africa. The online model offers an interactive platform that brings university students, teachers and professionals together to provide academic support to high school and university students. With the use of technology, distance barriers have effectively been broken through online capabilities allowing students to access the best tutors from anywhere. Our tutors undergo intensive selection tests and background checks to guarantee the best service and peace of mind across as many subjects as possible.

    Using TutorPal, students may choose the media of interaction via:

    • 2-way Audio – Phone conversation1-way of 2-way Video – 1-to-1 or group online video sessions
    • Interactive Whiteboard – 1-to-1 or group online whiteboard sessions with audio
    • File sharing – File sharing between the tutor and the student
    • Home-based tutorial session – 1-to-1 tutorial sessions
  • Subjects


    • Algebra $15.00/hr
    • Pre-Algebra $15.00/hr
    • Basic Math $15.00/hr
    • Calculus $15.00/hr
    • Pre-Calculus $15.00/hr
    • Probability $15.00/hr
    • Statistics $15.00/hr
    • Geometry $15.00/hr
    • Trigonometry $15.00/hr
  • Our Tutors

    Sandile Selemi

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