• Information about My Edujunction

    My Edujunction is a leading provider of highly personalized, one-on-one online tutoring for students in grade 1 through 12, across the United States and Canada. Our excellence is backed by more than 15 years of experience in delivering customized online tutoring services to our students.

    My Edujunction utilizes the best-in-class technology to bring a live interactive learning environment to the student’s home. We customize the course ware and pace the curriculum according to the individual requirement, academic goals, personality, abilities, and learning styles of our students. Our talented and dedicated tutors ensure excellent results and genuine learning by creating a dynamic online learning environment.

  • Subjects


    • Accounting $25.00/hr
    • Economics $25.00/hr
    • Finances $25.00/hr
    • Marketing $25.00/hr
    • Project Management $25.00/hr

    Computer science

    • C++ Programming $25.00/hr
    • Java Programming $25.00/hr
    • Adobe Photoshop $25.00/hr
    • C# $25.00/hr
    • MySQL $25.00/hr
    • Dreamweaver $25.00/hr
    • Flash $25.00/hr
    • HTML $25.00/hr
    • Javascript $25.00/hr
    • Matlab $25.00/hr
    • Microsoft Access $25.00/hr
    • Microsoft Excel $25.00/hr
    • Microsoft PowerPoint $25.00/hr
    • Pascal $25.00/hr
    • PHP $25.00/hr
    • Software Quality&Testing $25.00/hr
    • Visual Basic $25.00/hr
    • MS SQL $25.00/hr
    • Oracle $25.00/hr


    • English $25.00/hr
    • Literature $25.00/hr
    • English Writing $25.00/hr
    • English Reading $25.00/hr


    • Algebra $25.00/hr
    • Pre-Algebra $25.00/hr
    • Basic Math $25.00/hr
    • Calculus $25.00/hr
    • Pre-Calculus $25.00/hr
    • Probability $25.00/hr
    • Statistics $25.00/hr
    • Geometry $25.00/hr
    • Trigonometry $25.00/hr


    • Physics $25.00/hr
    • Chemistry $25.00/hr
    • Biology $25.00/hr
    • Engineering $30.00/hr

    Social studies

    • Geography $30.00/hr
    • US History $30.00/hr
    • World History $30.00/hr

    Test prep

    • SAT $30.00/hr
    • PSAT $30.00/hr
    • ACT $30.00/hr
    • GMAT/GRE $30.00/hr


    • American Literature $30.00/hr
    • British Literature $30.00/hr
    • World Literature $30.00/hr
  • Our Tutors

    Puneet Singh